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2008 Yellow Tail Reserve Merlot

January 3, 2011
Yellow Tail Reserve Shiraz

2008 Yellow Tail Reserve Shiraz

Let me preface this review by saying that, while I don’t have Miles Raymond’s exact attitude toward Merlot, I do admit that it’s not usually my favorite wine. For this 2008 Yellow Tail Reserve Merlot, however, I will definitely make an exception.

The wine is a dark garnet color. My first sniff presented scents of chocolate and hints of coffee and maple, while a second whiff provided me with just the faintest overtone of a Play-Doh smell. It wasn’t unpleasant at all – just a very remote reminder of childhood. And while you weren’t supposed to eat the Play-Doh, it’s usually okay to put Merlot in your mouth.

The acidity of this wine seemed to give it the balance and structure that many low-budget Merlots lack. It was medium-bodied (definitely no Play-Doh in the mouthfeel!) with a little bit of clove on the finish. lists the regular price on this one at $15.99, so it may be a little out of our $15-per-bottle price range; however, we got it at our favorite local wine store, Dusty’s Cellar in Okemos, Michigan, as part of a 6 for $60 promotion. This one is a real winner, even if you don’t like Merlot!

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