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A Mulled Delight

December 22, 2010

Leelanau Cellars’ website lists Witches Brew under “fun wines,” which is exactly where it belongs. This can be a tasty treat on a cold autumn evening — the label entreats you to “fire up your cauldron and heat this brew to the temperature of a witch’s tongue, but do not boil.” If you disregard the Halloween-themed label, this works well even into the winter.

This is a pretty traditional mulled red wine – somewhat sweet, with strong overtones of clove and spice. The Vintner’s Husband doesn’t enjoy this type of beverage, but the Frugal Vintner, no wine snob by any stretch, certainly does!

Available at the winery’s website for $5.99, you can find this wine on sale at Meijer for $5 a bottle throughout most of the fall. Your wine-snob friends may not be excited, but this wine isn’t designed to impress those folks. Drink this one with close friends who are ready to relax by the fire. If you absolutely must class it up a little, dress it up with a cinnamon stick!

And on the off-chance that you still have a bottle on hand when the weather starts to warm up, serve Witches Brew at your cookout or picnic, chilled and garnished with orange slices!

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